Poultry No Grain Sanabelle Adult Dry Cat Food
Sanabelle Poultry No Grain Adult
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Sanabelle Poultry No Grain Adult


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Sanabelle No Grain is a complete, balanced dry food for adult cats and was developed especially for cats with delicate digestive systems and those with nutritional sensitivities and food allergies. Many cats have a sensitivity to grain in their food and it can often only be digested with difficulty and not metabolised effectively. The signs of the cat’s system reacting can be diarrhea or other allergic symptoms. The formulation of Sanabelle No Grain excludes grain, and instead uses potato as the source of carbohydrate. This makes Sanabelle No Grain well-accepted and easy to digest. The exceptionally high nutrient density helps to reduce the daily amount of food your cat needs, which means this tasty, easy to digest food puts less strain on your pet’s digestive tract. Sanabelle No Grain is made with fresh, palatable poultry and liver, which provide plenty of top quality protein and a great flavour. This great tasting kibble contains salmon oil and linseeds, which are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The combination with zinc chelate helps to support a shiny coat and healthy skin. Sanabelle No Grain is made without any artificial additives such as colour, aroma or preservatives. It is enriched with functional ingredients such as yucca extract, green-lipped mussels, chicory powder, marigold flowers, vitamins and minerals. These top quality ingredients have been carefully selected so that even the most sensitive cat will benefit from a delicious, nutritious meal with excellent absorption rates and digestibility. Sanabelle No Grain at a glance: Balanced dry food for adult cats over the age of 12 months with food allergies or sensitivities Ideal for food intolerant or grain-allergic cats High nutritional density: Reduces the daily volume of food your cat needs and so helps relieve strain on your cat’s sensitive digestive tract Grain-free: well accepted and easy to digest, with potato as the main source of carbohydrate 25% fresh poultry: very tasty, easy to digest and well-accepted source of animal protein 5% fresh liver: offers high quality protein with exquisite flavour Selected nutrient profile: for best acceptance and high digestibility Supports a shiny coat and healthy skin: contains valuable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids in combination with effective zinc compounds (chelate) and linseeds With Yucca extract: can bind unpleasant smells in the gut and help to reduce stool odour With important natural antioxidants: vitamin E and the trace element selenium protect the body’s cells against free radicals and help to slow down the ageing process Chicory: a natural source of prebiotic inulin which helps to prevent the spread of bad gut bacteria and supports healthy gut flora Green-lipped mussels: rich in natural chondroitin and glucosamine, which help to support and maintain healthy joint cartilage Marigold flowers: with natural antioxidants to help protect the cells, and lutein to support healthy digestion and lower blood sugars Taurine: an essential amino acid that your cat cannot produce itself, helping to keep immune system, eyes and heart healthy No: artificial colours, aroma, preservatives or soya Extremely digestible: for an optimum intake of nutrients Made in Germany



Great savings on Sanabelle! Sanabelle dry cat food has a great taste and is easy to digest. Sanabelle meets the demand for high quality standards with an excellent value for money.


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