Small Burgandy Savic Quiz Interactive Toy
Savic Quiz Interactive Toy – Small Burgandy
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Savic Quiz Interactive Toy – Small Burgandy


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The Savic Quiz Small Interactive Burgandy Toy, cleverly designed, the Savic Quiz Interactive Toy offers stimulation for your cat or dog, with different hollows and gaps that can be filled with treats or kibble. This helps to keep your pet entertained, challenging it to reach the snacks as quickly as possible. The Savic Quiz Interactive Toy promotes creativity and intelligence. It can also help to stop your pet from wolfing down its food! This makes it ideal for pets that eat quickly and suffer from resulting digestive issues or obesity. Searching for the treats offers fun and activates the natural instincts of your pet, which can help to ultimately relax your pet. The stable outer ring is made of melamine and sits firmly on the floor thanks to a rubber-ringed base. It stands securely and the rubber edge helps to catch any stray pieces of food. The inside is made of plastic and can be easily removed for simple and thorough cleaning. The Savic Quiz Interactive Toy is a fun way for your pet to pass the time and can have a positive, stimulating effect. It is available in two sizes and two difficulty levels, so there is something for everyone! Savic Quiz Interactive Toy at a glance: Interactive toy for cats and dogs To fill with small snacks, treats or dry food Improves concentration and intelligence: with different troughs and gaps that requires your pet to use great skill to find its treats Fun and time-consuming: animates long-lasting stimulation that awakens your pet’s natural searching instincts Slows food intake: particularly suitable for pets that wolf down their food and suffer in resulting digestive issues or obesity Can have a relaxing effect Secure: with an outer ring of melamine to catch fallen pieces of food and with a rubber ring to prevent the bowl slipping across the floor With grip moulds: easy to pick up Easy to clean: the inner and outer sections can be separated for thorough cleaning (please note: not dishwasher proof!) Material: Outer ring: melamine, rubber Inner: plastic (polypropylene) Sizing chart for Savic Quiz Interactive Toy: Size Colour Total dimensions Difficulty level S burgundy / white 31.5 x 31.5 x 6.4 cm (L x W x H) 2 L grey / white 36.7 x 36.7 x 8.7 cm (L x W x H) 1 Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.



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