Chicken Fillets Sheba Classic Soup Wet Cat Food
Sheba Classic Soup Chicken FilletsWet Cat Food
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Sheba Classic Soup Chicken FilletsWet Cat Food


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A tasty bowl of soup can be a comforting treat that encourages you to relax and unwind. The same can be said for your cat, and now with Sheba Classic Soup your cat can enjoy a truly luxurious meal. The silky broth is made from the finest ingredients, creating individual recipes to give your cat variety in between meals. Tasty ocean fish, chicken or tuna as well as healthy vegetables give your cat an exciting taste sensation and a different type of food in its bowl. The practical pouch means that the cat soup always stays fresh. Each of the recipes is made from carefully selected ingredients and does not include any artificial colourings or preservatives. Give your cat that special little something extra to enjoy. Sheba Classic Soup – simply irresistible! Sheba Classic Soup at a glance: Supplementary food for adult cats Luxurious meals to supplement your cat’s daily nutrition and to give your pet an extra-special treat Savoury broth with tasty tuna, chicken and ocean fish Healthy vegetables provide essential nutrients The best ingredients gently prepared No artificial flavourings or preservatives In a handy pouch for freshness



Great savings on Sheba! Discover our variety of delicious, luxury cat food and find the perfect menu for your feline friend. Sheba cat food is guaranteed to impress.


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