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Buy Malt Smilla Cat Paste – Your cat spends much of its day grooming itself, using its tongue like a brush, not only smoothing the fur but also… Read more»

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Your cat spends much of its day grooming itself, using its tongue like a brush, not only smoothing the fur but also collecting hair. Swallowed hairs collect in the cat’s stomach and tangle up into unpleasant hairballs, which are often brought up naturally by the cat, but can also cause uncomfortable digestive problems. In rare hairballs can lead to a trip to see the vet. Smilla Malt cat paste contains pure natural malt and oils. The tasty malt paste helps to prevent the hairs from forming hairballs, and supports the natural passage of the swallowed hair and indigestible items through the digestive tract. In giving your cat a daily treat of Smilla Malt paste you are helping to improve its vitality and wellbeing. Smilla Malt Paste at a glance: With natural pure malt and selected oils Can help to prevent the formation of hairballs (Anti-Hairball Effect) Supports the natural transit of hairs through the digestive system Supports your cat’s natural grooming instinct and can help to prevent digestive issues Tasty and healthy treat, to promote your cat’s wellbeing Free from artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings Practical tube: makes it easy to feed to your cat in measured portions. Also easy to store Made in Germany Smilla Tip: Is there food that your cat doesn’t like very much? Simply mix in some Smilla Malt Paste to improve the flavour!



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