Trixie Corner Toilet Tray 36x21x30cm

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Help to keep your small pet’s home and toilet area easily clean and hygienic with this Trixie Corner Toilet Tray. Even in the wild, small pets create ‘corner toilets’, so this tray is ideal, as well as helping to make many – if not all – rabbits house-trained to some extent. This Trixie Corner Toilet Tray will easily attach into the corner of the hutch or cage. There is also wire included to ensure it fastens firmly, with holes at the ends of the tray for attaching round the cage mesh. The easy-to-clean Trixie Corner Toilet Tray can be filled with straw or litter, making it simple to keep hygienic. Trixie Corner Toilet Tray at a glance: Encourages your small pet to become ‘house-trained’ Ideal for any small pet: makes it easier to keep cages clean Stand-alone or can be attached to the side of the cage With holder and short wire: to attach the toilet firmly to the mesh Fillable with straw or litter Hygienic and saves straw Easy to clean: the smooth surface is simple to clean Lowered entrance Material: plastic Colour: blue, green or red (colour cannot be chosen) Dimensions: Total: 36 x 30/30 x 21 cm (L x W x H) Front: 6cm (H); Entrance: 8 x 3.5 cm (W x H) Tip: If your pet starts gnawing at the tray itself, it may be better to remove it entirely – swallowing plastic fragments can lead to intestinal damage.



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