Trixie Susana Cat Tree - Black / Grey
Trixie Susana Cat Tree – Black / Grey
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Trixie Susana Cat Tree – Black / Grey


Trixie Susana Cat Tree – Black / Grey

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The Trixie Susana Cat Tree is a true palace for your housecat! It offers a range of ways in which your cat can climb, sharpen its claws, play, sleep and cuddle. On the lowest level there is a handy den that your cat can hide away in for some peace and quiet. It is fitted with cuddly cushions, velour, and sisal scratching surfaces. Here, as well as on the natural sisal coated post, your cat can sharpen its claws and scratch to its heart’s desire, so your furniture, carpets and wallpaper all remain intact! On top of this den there is a soft, cuddly cushion with a velour side and a plush side to choose between. There is also a bobbing ball attached to an elastic rope, with a rattle to encourage your cat to play and prod it with its paws. For those who like to climb even further, there is the highest level of the Trixie Susana Cat Tree, which also has a cuddly bed with a border for your cat to rest its head on and cosy up to. The platform works as a lookout tower, so your cat can keep an eye on its entire kingdom. The Trixie Susana Cat Tree is in black, grey and light grey and has the words “Tiger’s Place No.1”, so you can really treat your cat like royalty! It makes an attractive addition to any home and is a must for feline households. Trixie Susana Cat Tree at a glance: Cat tree with natural sisal and velour coated scratching barrel Variety of opportunities for fun: for climbing, scratching, playing, hiding and sleeping Plenty of scratching surfaces: with a natural sisal coated post and sisal surface on the den, ideal for sharpening claws and satisfying natural scratching desires Cuddle den: cosy place for your cat to hideaway and have a nap, with a velour and sisal surface Bobbing plush ball: toy with rattle to encourage your cat to play High platform with cuddle bed: with a high border for cuddling, the ideal lookout point With cuddly reversible cushion: with light-grey plush side and black velour side Appealing look: black and grey with the words “Tiger’s Place No.1” Care instructions: reverse cushion is hand washable Colour: black, light-grey, grey Material: natural sisal, velour, plush Dimensions: Total dimensions: 54 x 44 x 90 cm (L x W x H) Required space: 70 x 44 cm (L x W) Base plate: 54 x 44 cm (L x W) Scratch barrel: diameter 40 x (H) 58 cm (L x W) Top platform with fixed border: diameter 40 x (H) 13 cm Den: diameter 40 x (H) 40 cm Entrance: 25 x 28 cm (W x H) 3 reversible cushions: each diameter 35cm Lookout platform with removable, washable cuddle bed: diameter 40 x (H) 10 cm Play ball on nylon rope: diameter 5cm 2 sisal posts: each diameter 9 x (L) 39 cm

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