Meat Trio Crunchy Treats Whiskas Cat Treats
Whiskas Trio Crunchy Meat Treats Cat Treats
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Whiskas Trio Crunchy Meat Treats Cat Treats


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These delicious Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats are an innovative snack that your cat will not be able to resist! Each crunchy treat contains vital minerals and vitamins, such as omega-6 fatty acids and zinc, which help to keep your cat’s skin healthy and coat glossy and smooth. These Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats also ensure that your cat will never get bored! They come in a variety of different shapes, colours and textures, to keep your cat guessing every time! The colourful Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats have been made entirely with tasty ingredients and no artificial flavours. Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats come in a practical resealable box, which helps ensure the treats stay fresh and crunchy for longer. No matter whether you use these as a treat or simply a snack between meals, your gourmet-loving cat is bound to love them, no matter its age! Whiskas Trio Crunchy Treats at a glance: Tasty treats for cats of all ages Ideal treat or as a snack between meals With essential minerals and vitamins: omega-6 and zinc for healthy skin and gleaming fur In different shapes and colours: for variety-rich snacking Resealable box: to ensure freshness Free from artificial flavours: made entirely with tasty ingredients



Great savings on Whiskas! Whiskas produce a variety of cat supplies from cat milk to cat treats. Their products are full of natural goodness and nutritionally complete and balanced.


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