Wolf of Wilderness Beef High Valley

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Wolf Of Wilderness


Wolf of Wilderness Wild Bites Dog Snacks “High Valley” – Beef are hearty-tasting, species appropriate dog snacks, made with lots of fresh beef and wild herbs. They are grain-free and made using only one source of animal protein. They are completely natural and free from artificial colours or preservatives. These meat snacks are well accepted and enjoyed by dogs. They are also a great way to keep your dog amused while cleaning its teeth and strengthening its jaw muscles. They make a great snack between meals or a tasty reward when training your dog. Wolf of Wilderness Wild Bites Dog Snacks “High Valley” – Beef at a glance: With lots of meat 100% beef Easy to digest Suitable for dogs with food intolerances Grain-free No sugar For healthy teeth and gums Pleasant chewing fun Suitable as a reward when training Made in Germany A delicious treat for your pet! Wolf of Wilderness Wild Bites Dog Snacks are available in the following varieties: High Valley – Beef Green Fields – Lamb Wild Hills – Duck Wide Acres – Chicken Wolf of Wilderness – Wild and Free! More information about the Wolf of Wilderness philosophy and products can be found here: Wolf of Wilderness Dry Dog Food


Wolf of Wilderness

Great savings on Wolf of Wilderness! Wolf of Wilderness dog food is based on these eating habits and will appeal to your dog's natural instincts. The flavoursome food is similar to the wolf's natural diet and made using only the very best ingredients.
Wolf Of Wilderness


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