Wolf of Wilderness Senior Lamb Green Fields

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Wolf Of Wilderness


Wolf of Wilderness “Green Fields” Senior – Lamb dry dog food at a glance: For older dogs 7+ years of age 100 % grain-free recipe High meat content, min. 51% total meat content (muscle meat and other meat) Lots of fresh meat (min. 37%), easy to digest, well accepted Enriched with fruits of the forest (mixed berries), wild herbs and roots Suitable for dogs with grain allergies Made in Germany No artificial preservatives, colours or aromas Helps to reduce pressure on kidneys – reduced amount of raw ingredients with phosphorus, and a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio Helps to maintain healthy brain activity – contains seaweed meal which is rich in DHA Helps to maintain healthy bones and cartilage enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate which are valuable building blocks Helps to promote general good health and agility in senior dogs – packed with vital vitamins and nutrients Wolf of Wilderness – Wild and Free! Wolf of Wilderness Senior “Green Fields” Lamb dry dog food is based on the dog’s natural diet in the wild. It is suitable for older dogs 7+ years of age. This tasty Senior dog food is made with lots of lamb and chicken, both of which are excellent sources of animal protein and very easy to digest. The domesticated dog is descended from the wolf, a carnivorous and omnivorous animal, and research into wolves’ natural eating habits shows that their diet consists of mostly meat and some berries, wild herbs and roots. This diet has remained unchanged throughout the course of evolution. Wolf of Wilderness Senior is a tasty kibble is inspired by this diet and made with hearty lamb, combined with berries, roots and wild herbs. The high meat content provides lots of healthy protein and this species-appropriate food is easy to digest and well accepted. It is completely grain-free. Since the wild wolf eats very little carbohydrate-rich food in its natural habitat, this food has been formulated with no grains. Instead, Wolf of Wilderness has a minimum 51% meat content, supplemented with berries, roots and herbs. Potatoes are the only source of carbohydrates and roughage in Green Fields Senior. They are easy to digest, rich in important trace elements and a natural source of healthy carbohydrates. They also provide important fibre to keep the digestive system working well and are fat-free. Cranberries, raspberries and currants are combined with nettle roots and wild herbs such as St. John’s wort, mugwort, camomile and common yarrow, all of which are also rich sources of vital nutrients, as well as secondary plant matter. This great tasting kibble ensures your senior dog gets a balanced nutrient intake and it achieves the Wolf of Wilderness aim of providing your dog with a species-appropriate diet. This complete food is suitable for elderly dogs of all breeds, aged 7 years and over and available in the following sizes: 1kg, 5kg (5 x 1kg) and 12kg. More information about the Wolf of Wilderness brand philosophy and entire food range can be found here: Wolf of Wilderness Dog Food


Wolf of Wilderness

Great savings on Wolf of Wilderness! Wolf of Wilderness dog food is based on these eating habits and will appeal to your dog's natural instincts. The flavoursome food is similar to the wolf's natural diet and made using only the very best ingredients.
Wolf Of Wilderness


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