Extra Large Dog Chew Yakers Dog Treats
Yakers Extra Large Dog Chew Dog Treats
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Yakers Extra Large Dog Chew Dog Treats


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This Yakers Dog Chew – Extra Large makes an innovative chewing snack for your dogs, particularly hardy and offering an unbeatable flavour. The Yakers Dog Chew – Extra Large originates from the Himalayan mountains and was initially produced for human consumption. The recipe is entirely natural and comprises 99.9% skimmed yak milk, as well as cow’s milk. The gluten-free, vegetarian Yakers Dog Chew – Extra Large is rich in protein and contains valuable calcium. This helps to build lean muscles, healthy bones and strong teeth. It encourages your dog to chew and move the treats around its mouth, promoting good oral hygiene. The hard consistency makes this chew long-lasting and helps strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles at the same time. The Yakers Dog Chew – Extra Large is around 15cm long and suitable for large dogs from the age of 5 months. A delicious supplementary dog food, this Yakers Dog Chew – Extra Large will help to support your dog’s health and happiness in a natural way! Yakers Dog Chew – Extra Large at a glance: Chewing snack for large and extra large breed dogs and puppies from 5 months of age Gluten-free: also suitable for sensitive pets with allergies or intolerances 100% natural: no artificial additives, with only milk, a spritz of lime juice and salt added during production With yak milk: skimmed milk from the Himalayas, from local farmers and dairies Traditional production: unique flavour thanks to the original recipe from Himalayan mountains, with milk turned into cheese, pressed and cured for 28 days Solid to chew: hard consistency for extremely long-lasting chewing enjoyment and to keep your dog occupied Dental health: encourages chewing, which can improve dental abrasion and promote oral hygiene High protein and calcium contents: for strong muscles, teeth and bones Vegetarian: made only with milk, with no other animal ingredients added Low-fat and no added sugar: for hearty snacking without the guilt Size: approx. 15 x 3 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H)



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