Yarrah Organic Chunks – Fish with Spirulina Tray Wet Cat Food

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Yarrah Organic Pet Foods


Yarrah Organic cat food is a delicious complete food for cats which doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). No herbicides or pesticides are used during plant and vegetable cultivation and no hormones are used in animal breeding. Yarrah Organic does not contain sugar, dairy products, artificial colouring or aromas and is preserved using only natural minerals and vitamins. It is enriched with spirulina and seaweed to encourage a beautiful coat, increase natural resistance and to help keep your cat healthy and lively. It also can help your cat to recuperate more quickly after illness or stressful situations. Yarrah Organic Wellness P?â?ót?â?? is a complete food for cats. Its balanced formula contains all the nutrients your cat needs for a healthy life. Only organic ingredients from monitored sources are used to make Yarrah Organic Wellness P?â?ót?â??, and this helps to reduce allergies and digestive problems. Yarrah Wellness P?â?ót?â?? contains health promoting ingredients (natural biotics) such as: Aloe Vera: strengthens your pet’s natural resistance and metabolism Omega 3 6: unsaturated fatty acids with numerous beneficial qualities Chicory: for a healthy digestive system Yarrah Organic Chunks are tender chunks of meat in a delicious sauce. Suitable for all cats. The benefits of all Yarrah Organic cat food: Certified organic Does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) No use of herbicides and pesticides during vegetable cultivation No use of hormones for animal breeding No sugar or dairy products added No artificial colours, aromas or flavourings Preserved using only natural minerals and vitamins Yarrah Organic wet cat food contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements which give your pet vitality, boost its natural resistance and promotes glossy fur. For further information on individual products please follow the links below: Yarrah Organic Wellness P?â?ót?â?? Yarrah Organic Chunks in Gravy ECO Control Body: NL-BIO-01



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Yarrah Organic Pet Foods


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