Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks

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Yarrah Organic Pet Foods


Treat your dog with this tender organic snack, made from entirely natural, organic meat. Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks are especially delicious thanks to their 95% meat content. The added organic spirulina makes fur shiny, increases vitality and strengthens your dog’s natural bodily defences. Natural vitamins and minerals provide organic preservation without the use of any chemical colourants, scents and flavourings. This makes Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks a really special snack for your dog. Yarrah Organic Dog Chew Sticks at a glance: Supplementary food for dogs Ingredients from controlled organic sources: including organic meat, seaweed and sea buckthorn Organic spirulina: for shiny fur, boosts the immune system and your dog’s vitality Gently prepared: to retain all the natural nutrients Great for training, as a reward or between meals No artificial additives, pesticides or GMOs



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Yarrah Organic Pet Foods


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