Sometimes your dog will need a nappy

Sometimes your dog will need a nappy. Whether it is incontinent on heat or simply not yet house-trained the last thing you want is a mess in your home or in the dog bed.

Sometimes your dog will need a nappySavic Comfort dog nappies are a simple hygienic solution to the problem. Savic Comfort dog nappies are available in various sizes so they fit all dogs of all ages. Use them for puppies which have not been house-trained for nervous or incontinent dogs or when your dog is on heat. The nappy contains a highly absorbent gel which captures the urine or blood. The nappy is dry again within seconds and keeps your dog free of irritating nappy rash and infections. Savic Comfort dog nappies can also be used if your dog has had an operation or has an open wound in the genital or rectal area. The nappy prevents dirt and bacteria from getting into the wound and stops your dog from scratching and licking at the wound. Based on the same principal as baby nappies these nappies are simple to put on. Position yourself directly behind your dog put the nappy on and fasten around your dog’s belly. There is an opening for your dog’s tail. This ensures a great fit and helps the nappy to remain secure. Change soiled nappies for a new one and dispose of the dirty one with your household rubbish. The nappies have a black outer colour so nothing will show through and you can take your pet out without any worries. Savic Comfort Dog Nappies at a glance Disposable Colour black Available in 6 different sizes Available in packs of 12 Recommended for puppies which are not fully house-trained for nervous and incontinent dogs and when your dog is on heat The highly absorbent gel helps to keep your dog dry Can be disposed of with the household rubbish Sizes Siz.

Savic Comfort Dog Nappies

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