Spoil your rabbit with this innovative species appropriate premium feed

Spoil your rabbit with this innovative species appropriate premium feed. Natural all-in-one hay cobs from Greenwoods are a great way to meet the nutritional needs of small pets.

Spoil your rabbit with this innovative species appropriate premium feedThese hay cobs contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins your pet needs to stay healthy while providing a species appropriate food at the same time. The fresh herbs and meadow grass are gently processed to retain all their goodness and great taste. Let your pet enjoy the natural taste of Greenwoods made from succulent juicy green plants grasses and herbs. And Greenwoods is not just tasty it is also good for your dwarf rabbit because it contains 18% fibre which helps to promote a healthy digestive system. Vitamin B supports the healthy formation of caecotrophs (night droppings) and the fibrous structure of the hay cobs aids dental abrasion. Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit food is a natural species appropriate nutrition with no added sugar artificial aromas antioxidants colourings or preservatives. Greenwoods is different to many other dwarf rabbit feeds. These all-in-one hay cobs are produced using an innovative extruding process. Low temperatures and the addition of water helps to break down small amounts of starch which makes it much easier to digest. Greenwoods is a natural premium food which provides your pet with the correct balance of vitamins and nutrients. If your rabbit eats a mixed feed you have probably noticed that your pet will eat the bits it likes best first. This means that some healthy bits with valuable nutrients are frequently ignored and your rabbit is not getting a balanced diet. The all-in-one cobs in Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit food prevent selective feeding. It is impossible for your pet to pick and choose only its favourite part of the mix. Greenwoods All-in-One Hay Cobs are well accepted and enjoyed by most dwarf rabbits. Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit Food at a glance All-in-One Hay Cobs.

Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit Food

Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit Food available now in our Small Pets Shop offers. Check out our Small Pets Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Greenwoods Dwarf Rabbit Food and many more offers for 3 kg available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Spoil your rabbit with this innovative species appropriate premium feed.

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