The island in the surf of Seychelles Cat Tree

The island in the surf of Seychelles… or your living room.

The island in the surf of Seychelles..The extremely durable Cat Tree La Digue offers your cat a wide variety of fun across four different levels including opportunities to scratch play and sleep or relax. A special hammock with climbing rope is reminiscent of palm trees on a tropical beach. This cat tree is especially well-suited for young and boisterous cats. Cat Tree La Digue at a glance 75 x 60 x 167 cm (LxWxH) Base platform 50 x 50 cm Hammock L 50 x 34 cm Platform den 50 x 50 cm (LxW) Sleeping den 40 x 35 x 24 cm (LxWxH) Den entrance door 14 x 20 cm (LxH) window 13 cm Paw-shaped platform with raised sides 40 x 37 cm height of sides 10 cm Padded upper platform 35 x 35 cm (LxW) height of sides 14 cm 10 Sisal posts 10 pc. 40 cm each 9 cm.

Cat Tree La Digue

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