The Maine Coon for the gentle giant

The Maine Coon – the gentle giant. Its impressive physique shapely muscles and dense silky coat leave an extraordinary impression of power and energy even at first sight.

The Maine Coon - the gentle giantShe is the largest of all purebred cats and seems to sing when she meows – she is like no other and no other cat loves water as she does. Behind the appearance of a ‘wild cat ‘ hides a gentle and affectionate giant. Special attention to joints the size weight and energy of the Maine Coon cat make it especially important to pay attention to joint health Heart size control in spite of its impressive size and power the Maine Coon needs special protection for illnesses such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (increased heart size) Maintaining beautiful fur the extraordinarily beautiful coat of Maine Coon cats requires special care through optimally adapted nutrition and regular grooming Royal Canin Maine Coon 31 cat food is a dry cat food exclusively adapted to the requirements of Maine Coon cats (from 15 months) Supports cardiac function Supports physiological cardiac function with optimally balanced contents of magnesium sodium potassium argitine EPA & DHA taurine L-carnitine and antioxidants (vitamin E vitamin C and polyphenols from green tea and grapes) Protects joints an exclusive combination of chondroitin sulphate glucosamine and fish oil (rich in EPA & DHA) protects joints and strengthens bones Healthy skin and beautiful coat Fatty acids linoleic acid and amino acids together with zinc biotin and vitamins strengthen the skin’s barrier function and accentuate the natural beauty and colour of the fur Optimised protection through L-lysine cats ‘ airways are frequently attacked by herpes viruses. Supplementing food with L-lysine limits the intensity of virus transmission and lowers the severity of clinical symptoms of illnesses caused by herpes viru.

Royal Canin Maine Coon 31

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