Your pet will love this glass aquarium

Your pet will love this glass aquarium. The insert of a glass wall allows you to fill up your small pet’s home full of straw and other natural materials.

Your pet will love this glass aquariumThe glass small pet terrarium is perfect for small animals which like to burrow such as hamsters. The glass walls will prevent the litter or sand from flying everywhere whenever your pet decides to burrow down. There are no bars to disrupt the view when you watch what your pet gets up to. At the same time your pets cannot escape their home. The Skyline Small Pet Terrarium Kerry also comes with accessories made from birch and plywood. This wood can be gnawed at without having to worry at all. Nothing will get in the way of your pets. The Small Pet Terrarium Kerry at a glance Total size 75 x 45 x 37 cm (LxWxH) Bar spacing 0.7 cm Encourages your pet’s natural instinct to dig Glass small terrarium with metal bars for ventilation No mess outside the cage Terrarium is easy to clean Bar thickness 1.6 / 3.4 mm (vertically / horizontally) Bars black powder-coated free of zinc and harmful materials Incl. wooden accessories corner cabin (L 32 x W 15 x H 11 cm) trapezoidal climbing house (L 26 x W 19 x H 11 cm) seesaw (L 25 x W 7 x H 6.5 cm) poster for the rear wall.

Small Pet Terrarium Kerry

Small Pet Terrarium Kerry available now in our Small Pets Shop offers. Check out our Small Pets Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Small Pet Terrarium Kerry and many more offers for 75 cm x 45 cm x 37 cm (L x W x H) available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Your pet will love this glass aquarium.

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