Your small pet will love the Skyscraper cage

Your small pet will love the Skyscraper cage. In fact there’s so much room on different levels where your pet can run around play eat and sleep it will think it is in paradise.

Your small pet will love the Skyscraper cageYour hamster or small pet can make itself a comfortable home where it can chill out or if it feels energetic there is plenty more to discover if it goes up the wooden ladders to the next levels. There are also two cabins with cheerful red roofs where you pet can curl up and sleep. Or you can turn one into a feeding area. And the cute little red wooden seesaw is perfect for crazy games. The sides and back of the cage are made from wood; the front is mesh-covered and has a wooden frame. You can open up the front completely so it is easy to access the inside of the cage and your pet. It also makes the cage easy to keep clean and the mesh covered front prevents the litter from flying out of the cage and messing up your home. The base of the cage is plastic-coated for easy cleaning. It can be removed without opening the front of the cage. The Skyscraper Pet Cage at a glance Dimension 70 x 48 x 80 cm Bar spacing 12 mm Wire thickness 1.2 x 1.2 mm Front opens up completely Removable plastic-coated tray for easy cleaning 6 platforms connected via ladders (Via loopholes L 6.5 x H 8.5 cm) Height of levels 17.5 cm top floor 12.5 cm Incl. 2 cabins (L 28 x W 20 x H 10 cm entrance L 6 x H 7 cm) 1 seesaw (L 18 x W 5 x H 5 cm) 3 ladders (L 25 cm) Made from untreated spruce Suitable for small pets like hamsters and mice Caution This product should be regularly checked for defects and the wooden cage or wooden accessories should be replaced if they are damaged or have been gnawed to prevent your pet from coming to any harm..

Skyscraper Pet Cage

Skyscraper Pet Cage available now in our Small Pets Shop offers. Check out our Small Pets Shop Discounts & Vouchers and get the best deals for Skyscraper Pet Cage and many more offers for 70 x 48 x 80 cm (L x W x H) available at Bargain Pet Supplies. Your small pet will love the Skyscraper cage.

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